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George Takei (Star Trek, Heroes) and Brad Altman .."Congrats on the success." 



"This one gets my vote"

"Would make a great movie"

"Great action adventure in the style of the classics"

" Fascinating and enjoyable book about treasure hunters who go in search of Yamashita's gold. Categorized as Sci-fi but after reading I feel this could actually be Sci-fact and the author has left us to make up our own minds. Left me feeling, what if it's true?

Recommended to all sci-fi/conspiracy fans."


Launched at the London Book Fair this great book has enjoyed world-wide success.

Due to public demand now re-printed in paper back.



Book now featured on famous History Channel Series.


Revised ebook edition published to tie-in with tv show.







Featured on  George Takei's (Star Trek- Heroes)Japanese fan website

About me:


I was sitting in a nice bar in The Philippines when a guy came in and asked if I wanted to be in a local movie starring Eddie Garcia.. and so started my movie career.

Since then I worked with many stars including, Chuck Norris, Edward Fox, Linda Blair Chris Penn, Richard Hatch, Lou Ferrigno, Doald Pleasance, Denholm Elliot, Miles O' Keefe, Sam Jones and many many others.

During filming of a movie starring George Takeii (Mr. Sulu of Star Trek)called "The Return To The River Kwai" I was approached by some locals and asked if I could get George to translate some Japanese writing on a map.

Of course I was to shy to ask him, but I found out that the map was supposed to show the location of treasure that was buried by General Yamashita at the end of WW2.

Years later my film work took me to Hong Kong where I did a bit of scriptwriting and worked in a number of local movies. I also worked as an extra with Jacky Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme. Funnily both films were about twin brothers.

It was here that I decided to write an adventure novel set against the backdrop of the Yamashita legend.

When I eventually got back to the UK, I put the manuscript under the bed and forgot about it.

One spring morning I found it and decided to send it to a publisher who quickly accepted it. (To my surprise)

The book was featured at the London Book Fair and I have been on the BBC as well as local radio stations and in all of the national newspapers.


Recently I was invited to participate on the History Channel's 'Myth Hunters' Series 3, on an episode called' Yamashita's Gold.

" Try as he might he could not shake the sight of the aswang from his head. At first he thought it had been a ghost, the type that might appear to children and the superstitious; it was an old woman floating before his eyes, but only part of her body was visible. She had a strange face, old and tired, but eyes that could melt steel, red and violent." 



also available to download on kindle